Babylange IPANEMA

Patented model. 

Babylange is the essential pram and pushchair item that was missing to turn it into a safe and comfortable cocoon, for the tranquillity and protection of your baby during his nap!  

Like a pretty curtain, it is convenient with its sliding rings. Babylange can be fully spread out while baby sleeps peacefully, or partially open when he is awake but needs protecting from the sun, light or any other environmental stress (noise, traffic, rain...). 

Made of thick and highly effective fabric, Babylange is compatible with all pushchairs. It makes a perfect protection against the sun as it isolates baby from heat and blocks 99,5% of UV-A an UV-B rays.  

In addition, Babylange was designed to leave ventilation spaces on the pram's sides with safety in mind. These openings also allow you to keep in permanent contact with your child. 

Last but not least, the convenient strings can be used to fix the Babylange in case of wind, or on one side only if you wish to shield from the sun or a draft. 

Specifications : 

- Available in several different prints for each model.

- Customisable text on order.

New collection : One extra movable pocket so that your child may watch cartoons (largest format for iPhone 6+ and Samsung Galaxy). 


65,00 € tax incl.

  • + 9,00 €


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